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Gutter Cleaning Health and safety

Working conditions

Questions to ask include:


How high is the job from the ground?


What surface will the access equipment rest on (e.g. a wall, cladding, a pitched roof)?

Is this surface strong enough to take the weight of the workers and their equipment?


What is the ground condition under the area where access equipment might need to be set up - for example, is it sloping, muddy or uneven? The access equipment you use must be suitable for the ground conditions - stable, level and not liable to fall or collapse.

If you fall, what will you fall on to?


Is it raining hard, or very windy?


What tools will you use to clean the gutters? How will you manage the debris?

Ladder Safety

Famous picture of ladders set up wrong Pick a ladder that has enough height so you can comfortably reach were you need to get to clean the gutters. Being out of position so that you are leaning and stretching is not the safe way to clean the gutters. Always have three points of contact with the ladder at all times. If tools are required carry them in a bucket or bag that will not get tangled in the ladder as you climb.