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Why Is It Important To Clean Your Gutters?

fallen gutter Having your gutters inspected and cleared of debris is a vital part of maintaining your home. In the long run it can save you a lot of money in repair bills.

Just the sheer weight of debris and backed up water can cause the guttering to come loose from the facsia boards and become detached entirely like in this photo. Gutter cleaning is often over looked as it is 'out of sight out of mind'. As you can see this can be a costly mistake.

The need to properly maintain your gutters has been highlighted lots on tv recently with the popularity of home improvement and development programmes. George clarke from the programme 'The Restoration Man' recently talked about his own problems with his guttering:

"One problem that can cause horrendous damage [during winter] isblocked rainwater guttering around the eves of your home. Two years ago we forgot to have our gutters cleared after the autumnleaves had fallen and before the winter weather kicked in. It was ahuge mistake on my part... The stagnant water [in the blocked gutter] then froze to form long thin ice blocksin the plastic guttering...which eventually split and cracks...when the ice meltedthe water dripped out through the cracked guttering and ran down the outsideface of the house. The brick work was soaked and eventually we had dampon the inside walls... Our welcome home present in early January was around �3000."

Some things to look out for which could be due to problems with your guttering

Cracks in the Foundation

Have you ever had to repair a damaged foundation? Then you know that this can be a costly home repair project. Blocked gutters only add to the problem for foundations by assiting water to pool around the foundation, which leads to weakened concrete and potential penetration into the foundation block itself.

Rotten Wood

If you have wood fascias around your house they can start rotting due to blocked gutters. When water builds up and stands stagnant for several days, the wood will start to break down and rot, which can cause serious problems. Replacing all of the fascias around your home could cost thousands of pounds.

Leaky Roofs

When the ceiling of your bedroom starts to look pregnant, you know you have a problem. Blocked gutters can result in frozen water in the winter that stands for several days, blocking the flow of unfrozen water from the roof. This water can eventually penetrate the roof tiles and wood on the roof, causing leaks into your loft space and into your home.

Frozen Paths and driveways

If your gutters don't send water away from high-traffic areas, such as paths and driveways, the pooling water that results from overflowing gutters can freeze during the winter. This can pose a major safety hazard.

Sagging Driveways

Blocked gutters can result in pooling water that breaks down the concrete on the top of your drivewat. This can cause sagging or even large cracks down the center. Not only can this be a eyesore it can cause problems for your vehilces.

Ruined Landscaping

You have spent the entire summer tending your flower beds around your home only for it all to be ruined when you get the first big downpour and thanks to your blocked gutters water comes overflowing like te Niagra Falls!